The Best of Bankers Hill, San Diego

By: HarborView Senior Assisted Living

Harbor View Senior Assisted Living is situated in the charming neighborhood of Banker’s Hill, San Diego. With an influx of young professionals and emerging businesses amidst the established older community, Banker’s Hill boasts of an eclectic group of people and neighbors. Originally named Banker’s Hill for the affluence of the neighborhood, it now holds people from all different backgrounds. It was first developed in the late Victorian period and, as it grew into the 20th century, some of San Diego’s first families and community leaders chose to live there.

Banker’s Hill offers a panoramic view of San Diego Bay, Coronado Island, downtown, and the San Diego Airport. Sitting on your front porch, you may see airplanes landing, boats gliding across the water, and people moving to and from on the streets of downtown. Full of charm and character, many of the homes were built in the 19th century and now, fully restored, serve as offices and bed and breakfasts.

If you’re looking for good food, look no further. Banker’s Hill is ripe with amazing eateries: boasting farm-to-table, excellent views, and foodie hot spots. Here are some of the best of the best:

Bertrand at Mister A’s: For one of the best views in all of San Diego, head to this elegant rooftop restaurant. If you’re looking for super fancy, do the French-leaning dinner. But if you’re looking for a view to make you swoon and not too much damage to your wallet, enjoy the happy hour on the terrace.

Extraordinary Desserts: I mean, doesn’t this name say it all? Try the “froissant”, a deep-fried croissant with vanilla custard in the middle.

Hane Sushi and Bar: Quaint sushi joint with a creative menu, bragging of dishes like kobe beef sashimi.

When in Banker’s Hill, you should also take the time to see the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge. Tucked away in a quiet residential area, this historic (and a little wobbly) bridge lies above the Maple Canyon Trail and adds a bit of adventure and excitement to the normal neighborhood stroll.

Banker’s Hill also has a walking tour that observes various architectural styles, including Craftsman, classic Gill Modernism, Spanish Revival, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, Prairie, and more in one of San Diego’s most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods.

So if you’re looking for a neighborhood of sunshine, panoramic views, to-die-for food, and tour-worthy homes, look no further than the delightful area of Banker’s Hill, San Diego.

And while you’re in Banker’s Hill, check out the Harbor View Senior Assisted Living home, full of allure, charm, friendly staff, and amazing people.

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