Shoe Choices for Older Adults: Safety, Comfort, and Support

By: HarborView Senior Assisted Living

We’ve talked on the blog before about the importance of foot care for elderly individuals. Issues with feet can lead to a host of other problems. Getting regular podiatry care is essential. At HarborView, we’re proud to offer mobile services, including podiatry. Please contact a manager if you are interested in scheduled podiatry services for your loved one.

Routine podiatry care is one of the important pillars in health aging. Shoe choice is also an important pillar! Read on to see the most important factors to consider when choosing footwear for older adults.

Footwear for Elderly Individuals

Some of the priorities when choosing shoes for older adults are safety, comfort, support, and stability. Safe footwear is non-slip, lightweight, and features a low heel. Comfortable footwear should have arch support and cushioning, be breathable, and feature a wide toe box.

  • For older adults with mobility issues, lightweight footwear can be much easier to wear. This also enables elderly individuals to walk farther as it doesn’t cause as much fatigue and strain.
  • It’s helpful to look for natural and breathable materials when shoe shopping for older adults. Materials like leather, cotton, and mesh help wick away sweat from feet. This reduces the risk of developing rashes and fungal infections.
  • Comfort is a major factor when looking for footwear for older adults. Shoes with a good amount of cushioning will provide comfort, especially for individuals with arthritis or joint issues. Ample arch support also increases comfort and wearability. A wide toe box allows toes to splay properly, preventing bunions and other foot deformities.
  • Safety is an important factor when looking for shoes for older individuals. Footwear with non-slip soles can reduce the risk of falling and slipping. Falls are a significant safety concern for older adults. Flats or low heels are also preferable as they decrease the risk of tripping.
  • The ability to customize fit with adjustable laces, straps, or buckles helps to accommodate changes in foot size throughout the day or over time.

Certain brands design shoes specifically for older adults, keeping support, safety, and comfort in mind. Some of these brands include Asics, Skechers, New Balance, and Altra. For individuals with specific foot conditions, consulting a podiatrist can be helpful in finding the right footwear.

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