Bringing In Outside Health Services Improve Palliative Care

By: HarborView Senior Assisted Living

HarborView Senior Assisted Living operates out of an elegant, 30-bed, historic home originally built in 1927! Our thoughtful and thorough renovation process preserved the beautiful historic features while adding all of the necessary modern amenities to create a safe and spacious setting for your loved one. As a result, our members enjoy lush gardens, a gorgeous patio area, fantastic views of downtown San Diego, and charming accommodations.

Being a member of our boutique assisted living communities in Southern California has many benefits. One of these benefits is that we can arrange and accommodate mobile health and wellness services that can be an important part of your loved one’s overall care. One of the services we accommodate is palliative care.

What are Palliative Care Accommodations?

Hospice care typically refers to care given to an individual with six months or less to live who is no longer pursuing curative care. Palliative services are given to individuals with serious or life-threatening illnesses who are still receiving curative treatment. Individuals who receive palliative care may have chronic, life-threatening, or curable illnesses.

Like hospice care, palliative care is intended to be holistic. This means that it is multidisciplinary and aims to treat an individual at emotional, physiological, social, and spiritual levels while treating physical symptoms. Pain management and overall wellness are two primary care areas. Palliative care may also involve support for loved ones or family caregivers.

The ability to accommodate palliative care means that HarborView works closely with agencies and caregivers who provide palliative care and can bring them into our assisted living community when needed. While spaces at an individual’s home might not be ideal for providing palliative services, our rooms are intentionally configured for patient care.

Palliative Care for Individuals Impacted by Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Family members caring for loved ones with dementia need significant support. Seeking palliative care soon after a dementia diagnosis can be incredibly helpful. Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life for dementia-affected individuals and their family members. In addition, palliative care specialists help families navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

This website is helpful for searching for palliative care providers by state: Palliative Care Provider Directory | Get Palliative Care.

Comfortable Alternative to a Hospital for Palliative Care

Providing an alternative to a hospital setting, our beautiful rooms and grounds evoke an inviting, homey feel while still having enough space to accommodate specialized equipment for hospice and palliative care. In addition, our caregivers and staff are familiar with the agencies and individuals that provide palliative care. We collaborate with them to ensure your loved one is comfortable and comprehensively cared for.

Visiting your Loved One on Palliative Care

When a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic or life-limiting illness, moments with them become so precious. Therefore, we support, encourage, and coordinate visitation from our members’ families and friends. While state regulations can sometimes limit visitation, we provide as many opportunities as we can for our members receiving palliative care to connect with loved ones.

Our caregivers know each resident well and go above and beyond to create meaningful opportunities for connection. For instance, caregivers at one of our assisted living sites decorated a resident’s room for a special birthday celebration with her husband. When there are no restrictions, and if cases of communicable illnesses are not too high in the county, our staff plans fun events for residents and their families. Some of our past events include Boo Bashes around Halloween, summer parties, and Mother’s Day Luncheons.

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