Financial Planning After an Alzheimer's Diagnosis

By: HarborView Senior Assisted Living

Among the many challenges that come with aging, financial and legal planning is a significant factor. An Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis can undoubtedly be a complicating factor when older individuals are attempting to get their financial and legal matters in order.

Below are some resources that walk individuals and families through crucial financial planning steps to take after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

The Financial and Legal Document worksheet described below is a beneficial step-by-step checklist for individuals affected by Alzheimer’s and their loved ones or caregivers. The sooner individuals can work through these steps and get their legal and financial matters settled, the easier it will be for the individuals themselves and family members.

Legal and Financial Planning Resources for Alzheimer’s Impacted Individuals

Financial and Legal Document Worksheet: As mentioned above, this worksheet, provided by the Alzheimer's Association, is a great first step for family members who are assisting loved ones with administrative needs. The worksheet includes spaces to fill in information about everything including properties, retirement accounts, VA benefits, and savings. While having a document like this filled in and on hand is helpful for any older adult, it is essential for individuals with cognitive decline.

Identify Individuals: It is helpful if all family members and caregivers can be on the same page about who is included in a loved one’s financial plans. This individual or these individuals should know of the broader financial situation and be available to provide support. It’s helpful to designate who can help complete routine financial responsibilities. These responsibilities may include preparing tax returns, paying bills, arranging for benefit claims, managing bank accounts, and making investment decisions.

Calculate costs of care:  Several financial resources may be available to help cover Alzheimer’s care costs. Some resources apply only to specific stages of care for Alzheimer’s.

To adequately plan for costs of care and financial needs during Alzheimer’s, it’s essential to consider the costs an individual is currently facing as well as costs they might face in the future as care needs increase. For example, if an individual is living independently or receiving some assistance from a partner or family member, it’s important to understand that the individual will probably need higher levels of care as their disease progresses. As the levels of care increase, so do the costs.

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