Cybersecurity in a Digital Age

By: HarborView Senior Assisted Living

Cybersecurity is a constant consideration in today's digital age. Unfortunately, elderly individuals are at a particular risk for cybersecurity threats. In fact, one in five victims of a financial scam in the U.S. is over the age of 60.

At HarborView Senior Assisted Living, we have personally had loved ones who needed memory care and faced similar risks. We are committed to providing vulnerable adults with a secure and compassionate environment—which means keeping them safe, whether they are on or offline. Here are a few strategies to protect your loved ones in the digital age.

Stay Vigilant - Safeguarding Loved Ones from Cyber Threats

Keep Security Software Updated

Security software can go a long way toward protecting your loved one’s devices from cyber threats. Make sure that their security software is up-to-date. If possible, enable automatic updates so that you and your loved ones have less to keep track of.

Learn the Warning Signs

Help your loved one identify common threats like phishing emails and fraudulent websites. Teach them about suspicious signs that point to a potential scam.

Curriculums like “Seniors Against Scams” help older adults understand why they're particularly at risk for cyber security threats, the types of scams to be aware of, and how they can protect themselves. This program is available free of charge from the National Council on Aging. Presentations can be held at senior centers, community centers, and assisted living communities.

Regular Communication

Check in on your elderly loved ones regularly and ask about cybersecurity situations. Ask them to alert you right away if they receive a suspicious email or phone call or see any other risk factor for a security threat. Offer guidance and support on an ongoing basis.

Limit Personal Information Online

Ensure your elderly loved one’s privacy settings are set to the strictest possible on all devices. This limits the amount of personal information that hackers might have access to. Many older adults today enjoy using social media. Adjust privacy settings on social media platforms so that your loved one can control who is able to see and share their information and posts.

Wi-Fi Network Security

Remind your elderly loved one that public Wi-Fi networks should be avoided for online activities with sensitive information. These activities might include shopping, banking, and checking on any investment or retirement accounts. At their home, help them set up a secure Wi-Fi network that includes a strong, encrypted password.

Unique Passwords

Always encourage your older loved ones to create unique, strong passwords for online accounts.

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