A Family’s Letter to HarborView

A Family's Letter to HarborView It's not always easy working with people nearing the end of their lives and it never gets easy saying [...]

Loving Someone With Alzheimer’s Disease

Loving Someone With Alzheimer's Disease Loving someone who has Alzheimer’s disease is hard, exhausting, and grief-inducing.  People who have lost loved ones to Alzheimer’s [...]

What is an Assisted Living Home?

What is an Assisted Living Home? What was a relatively new concept 25 years ago, assisted living is now the fastest growing long-term care [...]

Powerful Communication Course

HarborView Senior Assisted Living will be hosting and sponsoring a FREE continuing education course on Powerful Communication!  Jatana Williams, founder of Beyond the [...]

Foods to Avoid and Consume to Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay

Foods to Avoid and Consume to Keep Alzheimer's at Bay What you eat can play a big part in your risk [...]

The 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

With age comes the inevitability of forgetting things, not remembering where something was placed, struggling for a memory.  These things can be [...]

Mission Hills: Why to Visit

Mission Hills: Why to Visit Mission Hills is a charming little neighborhood in San Diego.  An upscale, affluent area, Mission Hills [...]

Open House Recap | Photo Gallery

Grand Re-Opening Celebration We had a great turnout at our Grand Re-Opening Celebration last month! It was our first chance to show off [...]

The Best Books on Alzheimer’s Disease

The Best Books on Alzheimer's Disease Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, or having a loved one diagnosed, can be an anxiety-fraught situation.  One [...]


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