Alzheimer’s Doesn’t Have the Final Say

Someone once told me that to experience the beauty and goodness in the world around us, we have to get outside more.  We have [...]

12 Ways to Safeguard Your Home for Those with Alzheimer’s Disease

Preparing your home for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can seem difficult and overwhelming.  Most families like to keep their loved [...]

10 Ways to Help a Loved One Move to an Assisted Living Home

When a loved one has to move into an assisted living residence, it’s hard on everyone involved.  It can be confusing or frustrating to [...]

Loving Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease

I once heard someone say that loving someone with Alzheimer’s disease is like loving two different people.  There is the person you’ve known all [...]

Know the Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

With age comes the inevitability of forgetting things, not remembering where something was placed, struggling for a memory.  These things can be frightening to [...]

A Group Outing to December Nights

A Group Outing to December Nights Last Saturday, December 8th, we took a small group of our residents to Balboa Park’s December Nights celebration [...]

Celebrating The Holidays After A Loss

What to be Thankful for during a tough year Losing a loved one comes with many grieving moments. You not only have [...]

What to be thankful for during a tough year

What to be Thankful for during a tough year It’s easy to pass on the little pleasures in life when you [...]

A Very Happy Mother’s Day at HV

Celebrating Mother's Day at HarborView Mother's Day gives us a great opportunity to show our Mom's just how much they mean to us! This [...]


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